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"Temperal Colors Redeemed" (28" x 20" Matted and Framed)
Tempera & Watercolor


"Liberty #116: American Ink" (22 1/2" x 18 1/2")
Mixed Media, Matted & Framed
University Art's 2017 Open Juried Competition 


 "Close to Liberty" (21" x 19" Float-Mounted and Framed)
Black Stamp Pad Ink applied by Fingerprint


 "Liberty Above All" (24" x 15" Canvas) 
Torn Paper Collage
Third Place Award for Mixed Media,
University Art's 2015 Open Juried Competition


"The Face of Liberty" (20" Square Canvas)
Torn Paper Collage
Second Place Award for Mixed Media, University Art's 2013 Open Juried Competition
Honorable Mention for Dry Media, LGAA's 2013 Fall Member Juried Show
Special Recognition Award, Fremont Art Association Annual Juried Show 2017
Float-Framed Canvas Reproductions Available for Sale


"Liberty, Stars & Stripes" (20" Square Canvas)
Torn Paper Collage
Juried into the Salon at the Triton: 2016 Statewide 2D Competition & Exhibition,
and the North Valley Art League's 2018 National Juried Show 
Float-Framed Canvas Reproductions Available for Sale